Radio Imaging. Commercial Voice Over. Video Narration. Phone Greetings and Messages.

There’s only one question that matters to you:  Can this voice connect with my customers?  

Intimate or energetic. Warm or enthusiastic. Edgy announcer or guy next door. The intensity may change, but the friendliness of Darren’s sound always rings through, creating a personal, trustworthy connection with any audience.  See if his sound makes the connection you’re looking for. Email a sample script and you’ll have audition audio returned within 24 hours!

Radio Station Imaging

As a former program director himself, Darren feels your pain.  He understands how hard you’ve worked to articulate your station’s brand, and how important the “station voice” is in establishing that identity.  He takes that responsibility seriously, because he knows you’d rather be yelling at the mid-day jock for doing another “Uranus” joke than resubmitting your liners.


Darren has voiced more commercials than he can count.  Conservatively, let’s estimate 23,742.  It’s a miracle he hasn’t contracted some fatal microphone-borne illness by now.  Nobody ever cleans those things.  Give his versatile read a listen right now, because it’s likely only a matter of time before his lips fall off.   

Employee Onboarding

Ensure your new team members have the most successful start possible when onboarding employees and establishing safety standards. 


Phone Greetings and Messages

Let’s be honest.  Automated phone systems can turn the average person into a homicidal maniac in less time than it takes to say “Press Three for Hungarian”.  Let Darren’s clear and friendly voice be a calming influence while he guides and informs your customers. 

TV and Online Video

Darren Coogan.  The versatility you want for narration and commercial voiceover.  The refined appointments you expect in a European luxury sedan. 

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TV and Online
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