Before the first word is read, a voiceover artist needs to make a lot of connections.  Clients, consumers, copywriters, producers, directors, editors; it’s essential to understand the process, frustrations, pressure and pride that fuel their work.  It’s always nice to work with someone who knows what you need, when you need it, and why you need it. Darren has occupied virtually every position in the supply chain.  Often, several at the same time. Hair on fire?  Been there! Connecting with your script … he gets it.

There’s a reason Darren Coogan’s read sounds natural, and thoughtful, and approachable, whether he’s narrating a safety video or tearing into a concert promo.  He is, by nature, thoughtful and approachable.  As a result, he is able to communicate friendship, trust and honesty through a microphone as naturally as he does over his kitchen table.   

Does this guarantee that Darren will be the right voice for your project?  Well, no.  Sam Elliot will probably still get a fair amount of work.  But he very well might be the voice you’re looking for, and this much is guaranteed: finding out will be fast, professional and, above all, friendly as heck.